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OneCare suite includes some of our most popular products, such as DOCS4DOCS and CareWeb. OneCare offers solutions to improve the health of the individual patient by accessing data quickly and securely, using lab data to understand the full story, searching clinical results data by keyword, customizing your electronic delivery options, and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of the products in the OneCare suite that allow for and promote better patient health:

An electronic results delivery service that offers a single source for clinical information such as lab results, radiology reports, hospital admission reports, discharge and transfer reports, and more. Results can be viewed through a web-based portal or delivered directly into an electronic health record (EHR) system. DOCS4DOCS eliminates the need to track down, request and wait for patient information to be received while improving communication between healthcare providers and public health agencies. It enhances physician-to-physician relationships, reduces costs, saves time, and enhances workflow while allowing for and promoting patient care.

A secure, web-based application that displays patient information from the Indiana Network for Patient Care™ (INPC), IHIE’s robust clinical data repository. It provides access to critical clinical information when and where it is needed, in real time. CareWeb provides a more complete view of a patient’s medical history by enhancing clinical care, coordination,and workflow while reducing the amount of unnecessary testing and procedures, thus saving time and money. It allows access to critical information during time-sensitive presentations, improves interoperability and integration between disparate systems, and provides better usage of clinical data, ultimately eliminating uncertainties and saving lives.

Single Sign On
Allows CareWeb users the ability to sign on from their local computer, and only log in once.

Smart Docs
A system that delivers enhanced and customizable clinical results as discrete data directly into the patient’s EHR.



PopCare provides insight into population health. Products in the PopCare suite allow providers to track where patient care is delivered, measure progress, access discrete data within EHRs, support quality metric efforts, manage a patient’s transition of care, and analyze data for a specific segment of the population. They help provide coordinated, comprehensive care across multiple providers, while also focusing on lowering the overall cost of medical care. Let’s take a closer look at some of the products in the PopCare suite:

ADT Alerts
These alerts notify providers when and where a patient receives care. They support the patient/primary provider relationship, address appropriate usage of healthcare resources, and ultimately reduce healthcare costs for any managed care organization.

Care Manager
Customized form of CareWeb access to the INPC to analyze data for a specific segment of the population.

Clinical Value Reports
A customized report to assist your organization in care management for specific populations and quality metric efforts.

Transition of Care Documents
These documents help providers meet the demands of an evolving reimbursement structure.


We offer quality products to assist a network of providers and patients, allowing for interoperability and seamless delivery with EHR solutions to support Big Data and analytics. We promote partnerships and an environment that organizes information around patients and where they seek care, and support population health efforts that serve to strengthen our community. Keep an eye out for new website improvements and product launches coming in 2018!