Who we are

A team that's dedicated to improving healthcare

The Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE) has been around for over a decade, with its roots dating back 30 years. We have the largest and broadest participant community in the nation, and we are at the center of where digital health, payment reform and patient care intersect.

We enable hospitals, physicians, laboratories, payers, and other health service providers to avoid redundancy and deliver faster, more efficient, higher quality healthcare to patients in Indiana. Today, by making information available to approximately 50,000 healthcare providers in Indiana and neighboring states, we deliver services that make a real difference in health and healthcare.

Board of Directors and Executive Leadership

What we offer

  • The largest interorganizational clinical data repository in the nation
  • Interoperability and seamless delivery with EHR solutions
  • An environment that organizes information around patients when and where they seek care
  • Support of population health efforts that serve to strengthen our community


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