John Kansky, President & CEO of Indiana Health Information Exchange, and Dr. Shaun Grannis, Vice President of Data and Analytics at the Regenstrief Institute and Chief Medical Information Officer of Indiana Health Information Exchange, sit down for a chat about HIEs role in supporting public health.

In January 2020, IHIE started a new podcast discussing relevant Health IT topics and news with CEO John Kansky, who shares lively and thoughtful opinions on each episode.

With only a few months into the year, the world took a hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. In this short time, we have seen governments work to keep healthcare facilities from becoming overwhelmed, the healthcare industries fighting relentlessly to save lives, and individuals, globally, playing a part to keep themselves and other safe and healthy. It has been an ongoing conversation within the Health IT community about what we can do to aid the response. As everyone nationally and globally work together to find solutions, the HIE community continues to put patient data to good use to support public health and so clinicians are prepared at the point of care.

In our latest episode of “The Tallest Kindergartner,” John Kansky invites Dr. Shaun Grannis to join the conversation about HIEs role in supporting public health.

Dr. Grannis offers input on the important role HIEs play with interoperability and public and population health, stating, “Interoperability is the ingredients for the recipe, but people, the chefs, have to come together to decide what kind of cookie they’re going to bake.”

Listen to the entire podcast with John Kansky and Dr. Shaun Grannis,.