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Products in our OneCare suite are designed to reduce costs, save time, and enhance provider workflows. These products offer solutions to improve the health of the individual patient by giving providers more time to focus on their patients instead of looking for data. Our Docs4Docs service (Documents for Doctors) is a clinical messaging system that allows providers to receive data securely, efficiently and in real time. The electronic delivery service offers a single source for this information by providing a web-based portal that providers can access, or by delivering data directly into a patient’s EHR.

Patient admission, discharge and transfer reports are sent through the system automatically, without the provider having to put in a request. Information sent and received via the system includes lab results, radiology reports, hospital and admissions reports, discharge and transfer reports, and other crucial pieces of information. Participating Indiana hospitals, physician practices, labs, radiology centers, and more than 50,000 physicians in 17 states can send and receive data through the Docs4Docs system.

This system eliminates the need to track down, request and wait for patient information to be received. It improves communication between healthcare providers and public health agencies while enhancing physician-to-physician relationships. Additionally, it reduces costs by saving time and enhancing provider workflows, overall allowing for and promoting better patient care.

Case Study: Columbus Regional Health uses the Docs4Docs system to help meet Meaningful Use requirements by providing Continuity of Care documents (CCDs) within patient EHRs. This supports their existing workflow and helps cut down inefficient manual data processing. Dr. Carol Burros with Columbus Regional Health noted, “The Continuity of Care service is a very smooth operation. It saves us a bunch of time and resources.” Additionally, Hancock Regional Health also uses the Docs4Docs system to deliver CCDs to “next in line” providers in a manner that is traceable and reportable.

Are you interested in ensuring better decision-making and an improved patient experience using one single clinical messaging system? Learn more about Docs4Docs today, and see a list of participating facilities.