CCD Connect

Indiana Health Information Exchange offers solutions to provide clinicians access to view patient information from outside care sources without leaving the patient’s electronic health record (EHR). IHIE’s Clinical Data Repository is the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC), which contains more than 11 billion pieces of clinical data. This repository acts as a single source of data for care providers and is the driving force behind all of IHIE’s products and services.

One of IHIE’s newest offerings is CCD Connect, which enables CCD-to-EHR integration in real time. IHIE compiles a summary Continuity of Care Document (CCD) containing information from the INPC for the individual patient. This document is delivered to the requesting hospital or physician’s patient’s EHR. If the patient is already registered at the facility, IHIE can deliver the same CCD automatically without query.

This functionality provides a complete longitudinal record for the patient, saving time by allowing access to the patient’s “full story” through a single source of data. Physicians and caregivers can get the specific data they want, when they want it, and can then integrate that data flow seamlessly into their current workflows and systems.

The integration is useful to clinical staff who might need access to INPC data for patient care. Depending on EHR capabilities, the patient’s CCD may be displayed as readable or parsed for more targeted display. Additionally, the summary document IHIE provides contains the most recent activity from outside organizations, meaning IHIE is able to monitor all registration activity for hospitals in the INPC.

Providers can access the repository and piece together a comprehensive view of the patient’s longitudinal health record from one source, all without leaving the patient’s EHR. This allows the focus to remain on the patient rather than chasing down their information. Patients, therefore, have one chart containing all of the information from their various health visits. IHIE customers including physicians, specialists, and population health analysts can all use CCD Connect to provide a better understanding and overall view of their patients’ health.