IHIE_d4dWith 20,000 users, IHIE’s DOCS4DOCS has become the ubiquitous clinical results delivery service in Indiana. By joining over 100 hospitals in its network, normalizing the data, and building the interfaces with each hospital, IHIE accomplished something very rare: It standardized the way patient information is presented and received across an entire state.

When IHIE was launched in 2004, the DOCS4DOCS fulfilled an immediate need in days when few doctors had electronic health record systems. It was a pragmatic approach to build the larger coalition that IHIE now serves, and it provided an infrastructure that could support expansion of the service. This vision is now bearing fruit.

IHIE provides a broad range of care coordination services delivered via the DOCS4DOCS and designed to support better patient care while working within a framework needed to meet the demands of HEDIS and Meaningful Use requirements. This direct connection to providers allows IHIE to engage and work with its customers to design novel solutions to address their needs of today and tomorrow.

Call us at 317-644-1750 to find out how we can help you leverage your connection with IHIE.  Check out the Experiences of our customers who use the DOCS4DOCS to meet a variety of needs, including:

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The D4D Service delivers:

  • lab results
  • radiology reports
  • transcription reports
  • pathology reports
  • hospital admissions reports, discharge and transfer (ADT) reports
  • clinical abstracts
  • Transitions of Care (Continuity of Care) documents

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