Improving health and healthcare through electronic information exchange is our sole purpose. During a health crisis, more than ever, we are steadfast in our commitment of improving the speed and accessibility of life-saving health data. As Indiana’s statewide Health Information Exchange, our diligence has only increased as we coordinate with the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), Regenstrief Institute, and healthcare providers in every corner to ensure we do all we can together to stop the spread of COVID-19.



Together, we are using the full power of health information exchange by coordinating data streams to stop the outbreak. As you have seen on social media and the news, ISDH has real-time updates of COVID-19 testing results. This type of public information is made possible only through the correct testing, coding, and data processing of critical information at the time of care and through connecting labs with electronic health information exchange.



IHIE is strengthening its Notifiable Condition Detector (NCD) tool, which sends daily alerts of reportable labs to ISDH and public health departments. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, 15 new tracking codes have been created for detecting this virus with conditions to trigger alerts; this list may grow. These reporting mechanisms make it possible to predict and monitor the spread of the virus and can prevent more harm and deaths.



IHIE is working to deploy a visual data dashboard for ISDH and public health departments to track important measures on how COVID-19 is impacting Indiana. The dashboard will display a snapshot of key indicators that all health professionals should be made aware of to make the most informed decisions possible when treating their populations and patients.

Public and healthcare provider access can and will increase the knowledge of the spread and help government officials in their decision-making process toward preventative measures. Tracking and recording accurate data in Health Information Exchange has never been more critical.



Protecting Our Team and Data

Internally, we’ve taken measures to protect our staff members and keep our team members safe. We see our IHIE team members as integral components for battling health crises by enabling quick and robust access to crucial health information. We have taken steps to ensure data security precautions are being taken for those on our team working remotely. In the event that client contact is required, we are taking steps to make sure we are always putting health and safety first for all.


Committed to Our Customers

During this time, our software and operations are expected to be running at full speed. Our Solution Center remains active 24/7 365 days a year, and this time is no exception. Please do not hesitate to stay in contact with us and count on us for support as your group manages this crisis. You can contact our offices at 317-644-1752 (Indy) or 1-800-814-6446 (South Bend).