Healthcare is about decision-making. You can’t look at patients, their health, or the services they’ve received piecemeal. That’s where CareWeb comes in. With over 130 participating entities and 9 billion pieces of clinical information, CareWeb improves speed and accessibility of information from our network to support providers.  It combines all the chapters of a patient’s care into one view, regardless of where they sought care.

CareWeb is an integral part of IHIE’s commitment to support an environment where information is organized around patients and where they seek care. Whether it's within the state, or across our borders, CareWeb supports the best care for patients.

As the use of CareWeb continues to grow, we continually work with our network to address the ‘hard stuff’ in data exchange: what to do with the data and what is acceptable, practical, and necessary. And how these decisions affect patients and patient care.

Here are a few ways CareWeb is used by our customers:

  • Through Single Sign On capability, integrating CareWeb within EHRs to enhance usability.
  • The CareWeb Search function can find discrete data (i.e. test results and radiology reports) and specific words within free text and PDFs.
  • Users can trend lab data from the entire community to understand the full story of the patient.
  • Accountable Care Organizations can use CareWeb in tandem with our care coordination services to help manage populations.
  • CareWeb allows community organizations that care for at-risk and special needs patients to advocate and coordinate services on their behalf.

Check out our Experiences section to find out more about how CareWeb helps our customers operate more efficiently, eliminate uncertainties, and make better decisions.


Wait a second...

What is CareWeb and what is the Indiana Network for Patient Care (affectionately called the INPC)? I’ve heard both terms. Are they different?

Here’s the deal: CareWeb and the INPC are often used interchangeably, but they are not. CareWeb is the application that allows our customers to access data from our robust network of participants. It is one of our core service offerings.

The INPC is behind the scenes, providing a common framework, agreement and oversight of the data that feeds into CareWeb. This separation allows us to be a good steward of the data by ensuring that it is only accessible where and when it needs to be used to support the health of patients and the community.

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