• Over 100
    hospitals, representing 38 health systems
  • Over 13,684
    practices with over 36,713 providers
  • Connection to 1,100
    Veterans Administration sites
  • Over 13,578,641
  • Over 10,696,209,414
    clinical data elements

Through health information exchange, we improve health and healthcare.

Watch this short video to learn how IHIE’s services make a real difference by enabling delivery of faster, more efficient, higher quality healthcare to patients in Indiana.


The following experiences demonstrate how IHIE’s services work in the real world, focused on specific people in specific jobs at specific organizations.  It represents a small sliver of how our customers use them to support better patient care today.  These experiences also reflect the opportunities that IHIE presents to help ease some of the burden of our customers’ reporting mandates as the digital health industry catches up to payment reform and as changes to reimbursement take root.

How IHIE supports its customers: 

  • 24x7x365 in-house help desk with real life personal support. 
  • Provides an electronic delivery mechanism that is traceable and reportable
  • Shared values and goals with our customers provides ongoing relationship and support
  • Project management tools that can function within multiple customer departments
  • All
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Post-Acute Care
  • Population Health
  • Other

From the Blog

Looking at Population Health through an HIE Lens

In its recently published April issue, the Journal of AHIMA includes an article on how Health Information Management is shaping the future of population health through HIEs. The article features several HIE use cases, including one of our own as explained by Drew Richardson, Director of Population Health at IHIE.

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IHIE connects more than 35,000 healthcare providers in 17 states delivering services that make patient information available when and where it is needed.


Contact Us - IHIE improves the speed and accessibility of information from over 100 hospitals in 38 different health systems to support providers and improve patient health.

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