IHIE makes it easier for customers to find patient records

If you’re one of the 130 healthcare locations already using IHIE’s CareWeb application, you know that it provides easy, secure access to your patient’s history of care—across health systems and across geographies. (And if you’re not using CareWeb, you should be. Find out why)

But what you may not know is that CareWeb now has a new function that quickly searches clinical data and narrows your results to specific reports, test results, medications, and more. It can even find individual words within the text of a report.

Think of it as Google for CareWeb.

With CareWeb Search, you can query results by keyword or phrase, save and name searches to use on other patients, and tailor search results by using filters and operators, e.g. “leg AND fracture,” or “chest NOT pain.” CareWeb Search can also recognize most abbreviations and synonyms.

Here’s a real-life example.

Dr. Schaffer sees a patient complaining of chest pain, but the patient, in distress, is unable to communicate his medical history.

  • Step 1: Dr. Schaffer searches the patient’s name in CareWeb. (That’s 1 click)
  • Step 2: Dr. Schaffer enters “heart history” into the search function. (That’s 2 clicks)
  • Step 3: Dr. Schaffer sees the results, which reveal three medical reports including the date of a previous heart attack, a cardiac catheterization and an operative report from the patient’s cardiologist.

Read about other examples HERE and HERE.

CareWeb Search allows you to navigate the more than 6 billion pieces of clinical information in IHIE’s database with ease, returning relevant results in a fraction of a second.

“This may be the biggest WIN for physicians and clinicians since the initial access to patients’ records across the Indianapolis delivery systems,” said Dr. Don Trainor, MD FAAP, FACP, Chief Medical Officer at HealthNet.Inc. “It is truly a game changer.”

Watch the 43-second video below to see it in action.