ADT Alerts

Indiana Health Information Exchange’s PopCare products provide insights into population health. One way they do this is through Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) alerts. These alerts allow primary care providers to stay up to date on when and where their patients receive care at other healthcare facilities, allowing the provider to follow up with the patient when needed. This helps support the relationship between the patient and primary care provider.

When a patient is admitted, discharged, or transferred to a hospital system, an automatic message is sent to IHIE. IHIE’s technology translates this message into a near real time alert to send to the primary care provider so they have the most up-to-date information on their patient, and can intervene the care if necessary. Near real time too frequent for you? Not to worry. These alerts can be customized to a provider’s workflow and can be set up to happen in on a daily basis, a weekly basis…however the provider prefers.

ADT alert services provide Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) the necessary information to keep track of patient population and provide timely, relevant interventions. They are an example of an impactful way to manage healthcare expenses and they provide insight into the utilization of healthcare resources.

The ADT alerts can help us determine if our patients are ER hoppers or if they need care from a specialist, which helps us expedite interventions.
Nancy Nolan, RN-BD, Clinical Care Coordinator III, Franciscan ACO

ADT alerts are not only used by care managers and physicians, but also by payers and population health analysts. Ultimately, these alerts let physicians and care managers better coordinate a patient’s care and reduce avoidable readmissions and unnecessary utilization of hospital services.