IHIE products & services filter out all of the noise to give you the data you need without leaving your EHR

The Benefit of IHIE’s Products & Services:

By securely moving data where it needs to be, care providers can avoid redundancy and deliver faster, more efficient, higher quality healthcare.

IHIE collects data from many outside sources, giving providers instant access to complete patient longitudinal records through:

  • ADT Alerts
  • CCDs
  • Transcription
  • Immunizations
  • Lab Results
  • Hospital Admission Reports
  • Claims
  • Medications

Meaningful data meaningfully presented.

We focus on providing the right tools to integrate with your workflow and systems, saving you time so you can attend to what matters most… the patient.

IHIE’s robust clinical data repository brings normalization and security to new levels in a unique & time-saving package. IHIE is at the center of where digital health and patient care intersect.

Hear it straight from our customers:

“Presenting relevant clinical information to clinicians in a usable way has the potential to improve care and save lives.” Dr. Jason Schaffer, Emergency Medicine, Indiana University Health

“IHIE’s strength and experiences come into play in delivering messages directly into our physicians’ EMR system.” Eric Rush & Jeff Morin, Hancock Regional Health

“CareWeb enables me to work out farther and be as prepared as possible for each patient visit but also helps us address surprises on-the-fly.” Ponda Wilson-Grace, Medical Records Director, Center for Diagnostic Imaging

“Patients will come back to see me within a few days of being discharged from the hospital. No matter if they visited an IU Health facility, or some other facility, I have the information I need to provide the proper follow-up care.” Dr. Gregory Kiray, Internal Medicine, Indiana University Health

Through health information exchange, we improve health and healthcare, so you can spend less time in front of a screen and more time in front of your patient.