When a person applies for Social Security disability benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) must obtain and review a complete medical record in order to make an accurate determination. It can take months for health care organizations to provide records for the claimant’s case. Dealing with an injury or sickness is a hardship unto itself, but waiting months for an eligibility determination can place undue burden on claimants. For providers, these medical record inquiries can take resources away from direct patient care and require additional administrative work. There is no guarantee that clinical information is not submitted to SSA from the hospitals.


Indiana has about 70,000 disability determinations each year. By partnering with IHIE, SSA can obtain information through CareWeb for these claimants in a matter of minutes. Social Security is able to obtain a claimant’s medical record for their care across the state, review it, and make a determination quicker than ever before.


Health IT Program Office
Social Security Administration
Clinical setting: Other / Social Security


  • For claimants who are determined disabled, this means they get the help they need faster
  • SSA realizes a benefit through reduction in costs, streamlining of operations, and positioning themselves as leaders in the use of health IT
  • Hospitals are able to receive compensated care more quickly, providing millions in annual savings
  • Allows providers to focus on patient care by eliminating a source of administrative work


“The value that SSA receives by partnering with the Indiana Health Information Exchange provides real value for us, for our patients and the taxpayers of Indiana. We are able to reduce all sorts of costs for us, and for the hospitals, with just one click of the mouse.”
“Through this partnership, SSA can reduce time spent tracking down records that may or may not be at a provider location.”
“Our patients depend on a fast determination process to move forward with their lives.”


  • Situation: The Social Security Administration provides about 70,000 disability determinations each year for Indiana. CareWeb is used to help to determine disability eligibility efficiently and more accurately.
  • Benefits: According to SSA, this saves hospitals millions from removing claimants from uncompensated care.
  • What it Means: Approved claimants can get back on their feet faster. Provides better and more efficient use of taxpayer resources.