A patient of Major Health Partners (MHP) had a follow-up visit with his MHP provider regarding results of an imaging test. The provider, who assumed the test was completed at MHP, could not find the images or results of the encounter. This often happens when patients seek ancillary care from outside facilities such as critical access hospitals or urban hospitals in Indiana.


After the provider had no success in finding the imaging results in their system, the MHP team logged into CareWeb, found the report and sent the results via secure email to the provider. Later that day, the MHP Business Manager was able to give the provider access to the CareWeb system for future use and faster, more efficient care.


Business Mgr. Pulm, CV & Renal Service Lines
Major Health Partners/MHP
Clinical setting: Outpatient


  • Reduce duplicate testing

  • More efficient use of resources and hospital staff
  • Less exposure to radiation by limiting duplicate imaging scans
  • Opportunity to provide better communication between physicians and patients


“CareWeb is tool that every clinical area can benefit from using. Do not underestimate the benefits CareWeb can produce in all departments of a hospital.”

“IHIE has interoperability figured out. Clinical and IT professionals should leverage the data for the benefit of the patient.”

“CareWeb has nice features such as the chart search and trending of labs that are far superior to faxed reports. I wish every provider document could go to CareWeb.”
“The CareWeb portal has allowed MHP to obtain the correct information on the correct patient, at the correct time with the correct staff.”