Dr. Jason Schaffer has been an emergency department physician at IU Methodist Hospital for nearly 15 years. In a recent visit, he ordered a hemoglobin (A1c) test to check the patient’s blood glucose level. When it came back at 10, it led to more questions than answers.


Dr. Schaffer turned to CareWeb to look at trends from this patient’s previous hemoglobin tests. In this instance, it was important to know if that result new or if that’s where that patient has been for a prolonged period of time. Some of that information was contained within the emergency department’s electronic medical system, but some was not. CareWeb allowed Dr. Schaffer to trend all the previous values for faster care and provide appropriate instructions follow-up care with the patient’s primary care physician.


Dr. Jason Schaffer
Emergency Medicine
Indiana University Health
Clinical setting: Inpatient / Emergency Department


  • Elimination of separate password for CareWeb and an institution’s electronic medical records system
  • Fewer calls to the helpdesk to recover or change passwords
  • A reduction of unnecessary testing and procedures, saving time and money
  • Less frustration, and supporting better communication between physicians and patients
  • Fewer distractions from the patient visit by eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords and application icons
  • Creation of an interoperable healthcare system in Indiana


“The integration of the CareWeb button into our EMR is absolutely crucial to make the the best use of my time. I don’t have to remember different passwords, waste time toggling between applications and it has the added benefit of allowing me access to information I need to treat my patients.”
“I use CareWeb every day and it is invaluable.”


  • Situation: The number of patients in a given hour seen at the emergency department at Methodist IU Hospital can range from three to up to 10 (during a particularly dramatic spike). During peak times, especially, time is of the essence. Physicians don’t have time to scour multiple sources looking for patient information. The single sign on technology enables one login to view patient information from multiple sources.
  • Benefits: The integration, or interoperability, between CareWeb and electronic medical record systems provides quicker and more use of patient information and more meaningful and efficient patient visits.
  • What it Means: It provides true interoperability and integration between disparate systems and provides for better usage of the clinical data.