Dr. Schaffer saw a patient complaining of chest pain, but was unsure of his previous medical history. With time of the essence, Dr. Schaffer turned to CareWeb’s search function to seek out more information, as the patient was not able to communicate much of his medical history.


In CareWeb, Dr. Schaffer found three previous reports related to the patient’s heart history. He found information pertaining to the date of his heart attack, and a cardiac catheterization and operative report from his cardiologist. Together, that information helped him make decisions around how to triage and treat the patient.


Dr. Jason Schaffer
Emergency Medicine
Indiana University Health
Clinical setting: Inpatient / Emergency Department


  • Access to information during an extremely time-sensitive presentation, especially if patient is unable to answer questions related to their medical emergency.
  • Better coordination between cardiologist and emergency department physician for follow-up care.
  • Able to drill down through the search function for more efficient and relevant results


“At two o’clock in the morning, you aren’t going to get medical records from any other location, and CareWeb provides me with instant access to information.”
“Cardiac cath reports are one of my most widely searched reports in the emergency department.”


  • Situation: An emergency department physician saw a patient who was experiencing heart-related issues. The physician was able to search CareWeb specifically for reports related to previous cardiology encounters, rather than sifting through the patient’s information unrelated to his heart problem.
  • Benefits: The CareWeb search function enabled the physician to sort through the clutter in his medical record and quickly drill down on the most relevant information, especially when time was of the essence.
  • What it Means: Previous reports related to a patient’s heart surgery following a heart attack provide information as to whether the patient could be having another heart attack or post-surgical complications.