Dr. Kiray estimates that about half his patients seek care outside his particular health institution. As such, it’s important for him to learn all he can about his patients to provide them with the appropriate care, while ensuring his time spent with patients is productive.


Dr. Kiray is able to log into his EMR system and CareWeb with one click of the mouse, through a single sign-on technology. This process enables Dr. Kiray to view both systems quickly and efficiently. As part of his process right before he walks in to see a patient, he runs a search so that he can view the most up-to-date information about his patients. By utilizing the CareWeb Search function, he can also dig deeper to find more information if he needs to. CareWeb has become an integral part of Dr. Kiray’s office and seamless within his workflow. Of the many benefits to the data contained in CareWeb, Dr. Kiray mentions the fact that because CareWeb provides the data in a discrete format, he is able to do quality data mining.


Dr. Gregory Kiray
Internal Medicine
Indiana University Health
Clinical setting: Outpatient


  • Elimination of separate password for CareWeb and an institution’s electronic medical records system
  • A reduction of unnecessary testing and procedures, saving time and money.
  • Less frustration, and supporting better communication between physicians and patients
  • Fewer distractions from the patient visit by eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords and application icons.
  • Creation of an interoperable and integrated healthcare system in Indiana.


“Patients will come back to see me within a few days of being discharged from the hospital. No matter if they visited an IU Health facility, or some other facility, I have the information I need to provide the proper follow-up care.”
“CareWeb helps close the gap, and I don’t have to rely on the patient’s memory. I know exactly what happened with my patients and that provides them with reassurance. I truly care and am looking out for them.”
“The single sign on process is a great benefit. I don’t have to remember a separate password or spend extra time logging into a system. I use CareWeb as part of my chart review within (my EMR system) right before I meet with my patients.”


  • Situation: Joe was discharged from a rural hospital in Indiana, and returned to his hometown to seek follow-up care from his primary care physician. He had hurt his shoulder late on a Saturday night playing softball with his buddies. Fearing that he had broken a bone, he went to the ER, where he was given an imaging scan. The scan was negative, but Joe was still in a considerable amount of pain.
  • Benefits: Joe’s doctor was able to pull up the scan reports. Seeing the radiology report, he prescribed medication to control the swelling and recommended seeing a physical therapist if the discomfort continued.
  • What it Means: Had Joe’s doctor not been able to view the imaging report from the previous visit, he would have ordered a separate one, exposing Joe to more radiation, and duplicating an existing test.