A 50-year-old male was sent to a neurosurgeon at a local hospital to discuss treatment options for his chronic low back pain and leg weakness. While meeting with the neurosurgeon, the patient felt his appointment was rushed, he didn’t receive adequate time to discuss his options, and left believing that he didn’t need surgery. Due to his unsatisfactory experience, he decided to not return to the neurosurgeon or the hospital for any follow-up discussions or care, and instead sought out a new physician at a separate facility.


At the patient’s first visit with Dr. Trainor, he recounted his unfavorable experience with the neurosurgeon and discussed his medical situation. When accessing his medical records via CareWeb, Dr. Trainor found that the same neurosurgeon had written in his medical notes information that was contrary to what the patient took away from the visit. Based on the patient’s MRI scan, the neurosurgeon determined the patient had some arthritis, and required follow-up nerve conduction testing to determine whether there were any nerve issues that needed to be pursued further. Because CareWeb provided access to his medical history and lab results in addition to the neurosurgeon’s medical notes, the new physician was able to discuss the patient’s negative experience, rectify the situation, and determine the best steps for continuing medical treatment. Whether the testing would be conducted at the same hospital or a different facility, the patient’s notes and results would be accurate and immediately accessible for his next encounter.


Dr. Donald Trainor
Chief Medical Officer
Clinical setting: Outpatient


  • Leverage IHIE’s network to provide the most up-to-date picture of a patient
  • A reduction of unnecessary testing and procedures, saving time and money
  • Less frustration, and supporting better communication between physicians and patients
  • Creation of an interoperable and integrated healthcare system in Indiana


“There is so much clinical data in CareWeb.”
“The CareWeb search function is like Google for CareWeb – it’s easy to find specific reports and labs.”