A Spanish-speaking woman in her 70s visited Dr. Trainor at a brand new medical facility in Indianapolis. A Florida native who moved to Indianapolis only two months prior to her visit, she had no medical records on-hand and due to a language barrier, had difficulty disclosing all relevant medical information to her new physician. Dr. Trainor only knew two things: She was a brand new patient and was requesting a referral for a cardiologist.


By accessing CareWeb, Dr. Trainor was able to pull up medical reports from an Indianapolis-area hospital stating that she had been to an emergency room in the 30 days leading up to her visit—for chest pain and for a bladder infection. She was admitted to stay overnight, received a stress test and was sent home. While looking at her records, Dr. Trainor was able to see her stress test was perfectly normal, she was ruled out for a heart attack a month ago, and therefore did not show any immediate need to see a cardiologist. CareWeb’s ability to retrieve the patient’s medical information from a separate entity in near real-time, allowed Dr. Trainor to adequately assess the patient’s medical situation and effectively communicate (with the help of a Spanish-speaking MA) the patient’s next steps for follow-up and medical care.


Dr. Donald Trainor
Chief Medical Officer
Clinical setting: Outpatient


  • Leverage IHIE’s network to provide the most up-to-date picture of a patient
  • A reduction of unnecessary testing and procedures, saving time and money
  • Less frustration, and supporting better communication between physicians and patients
  • Creation of an interoperable and integrated healthcare system in Indiana


“CareWeb is my go-to place.”
“CareWeb search is a game-changer.”