Every day, health providers aim to improve the health of the human population. IHIE can help. Our PopCare products and services provide a complete, coordinated effort to respond to the needs of the market and provide insight into population health, allowing providers to track patients, measure progress and analyze data to meet the demands of an evolving reimbursement structure.

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Care alerts notify a patient’s provider when and where the patient received care at another health system, allowing the PCP to follow up in a timely manner.

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Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) alerts support the patient/primary provider relationship by tracking where the patient’s care is delivered. These notifications allow physicians and care managers to better coordinate a patient’s care and reduce avoidable readmissions and unnecessary utilization of hospital services.

How does it work?

When a patient is admitted to, discharged from, or transferred to a hospital system, an automatic message is sent to IHIE. We translate the message into an alert and send it to the primary care physician or care manager, who then intervenes to improve the care coordination.

We also configure the alert notifications to meet your workflow. Whether you prefer to receive alerts as they occur in near real-time, or as a daily list, we customize the product to fit your needs.

Benefits of our ADT alert services:

  • Provide Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) information needed to keep track of patient population and provide timely, relevant interventions
  • Serve as example of impactful way to manage healthcare expenses
  • Provide insight into utilization of healthcare resources


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Clinical Output

Our clinical output products are designed to provide our customers with meaningful data delivered in a meaningful output.

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Our Clinical Output products are customized to assist your organization in care management for specific populations and quality metric efforts. Because we have more than 30 years of longitudinal data in our clinical data repository, we can tailor the reported data to the time frame you need. Whether you need to analyze a month of population data or a few years of trends, we can work within your existing workflow.


Our products and services include:

  • Enhanced reporting that tracks data (e.g. hospital readmissions) over a period of time
  • Solutions to meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements
  • Electronic summaries of care documents, e.g. Transitions of Care, Continuity of Care services

Benefits of our Clinical Output products:

  • Leverage clinical data to improve population health
  • Evaluate data that captures details of an event notification
  • Remove hurdles to participate in public health reporting, while making the submission process part of your workflow
  • Eliminate the need for physicians to have a separate connection to the State for public reporting efforts

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Analytics and Measurement

We’re committed to providing new tools and products to help our customers meet their analytics and measurement needs as Population Health continues to evolve.

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The concept of Population Health has evolved and broadened quickly over the past few years. It’s no longer viewed as just one thing, e.g. a government health program. Analytics tools + big data are enabling a more sophisticated examination into some of the following population health issues:

  • Social determinants of health
  • Quality measures
  • Increased need for real-time data
  • Precision medicine

IHIE currently offers several products that provide near real-time data and help our customers meet federal reporting requirements. In 2018, we’re committed to working even harder to advance Population Health by providing new quality reporting services and analytics-based products.

Where we’re headed:

We have data, a team of dedicated people, and the capabilities to help you address some of the challenges you currently face, such as

  • Enhancing health improvement programs
  • Recognizing the value of claims and clinical data combined
  • Providing information intervention
  • And more!

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Clinical Data Repository


The Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC) is the nation’s largest inter-organizational data repository and contains more than 10 billion clinical data elements over 30+ years. Our customers access the network via our CareWeb application.

We manage the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC), a robust source of clinical data for a patient or population. It includes payer and public health data, as well as real-time interfaces from providers such as lab, radiology, CCDs, transcriptions, cardiology, and ADT (Admission Discharge Transfer) alerts. The INPC provides a common framework, agreement, and oversight of the data that feeds into CareWeb–the application that allows our customers to access data from our robust network of participants. CareWeb is one of our core service offerings.

Here are a few ways our customers use CareWeb:

  • Through Single Sign On capability, integrating CareWeb within EHRs to enhance usability.careweb-circle
  • The CareWeb Search function can find discrete data (i.e. test results and radiology reports) and specific words within free text and PDFs.
  • Users can trend lab data from the entire community to understand the full story of the patient.
  • Accountable Care Organizations can use CareWeb in tandem with our care coordination services to help manage populations.
  • CareWeb allows community organizations that care for at-risk and special needs patients to advocate and coordinate services on their behalf.

For a complete list of participating CareWeb facilities, see our Resources.

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