Every day, health providers aim to improve the health of their patients. OneCare makes that easier. Products like CareWeb and DOCS4DOCS reduce costs, save time and enhance physicians’ workflows. By eliminating uncertainties and duplication, OneCare products and services allow for and promote better patient care.

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EHR Integration

We provide solutions that give clinicians access to view patient information from outside care sources without leaving their EHR.


Learn how our customers are using these services

It’s simple. Your healthcare records matter—and nearly everyone’s experienced how frustrating it is when they don’t follow you around. The Indiana Network for Patient Care, our Clinical Data Repository, which contains more than 10 billion pieces of clinical data, acts as a single source of data for care providers. They can access the repository and piece together a comprehensive view of the patient’s longitudinal health record from one source. 

And all without leaving their EHR!

Our products and services will help you to:

  • Save time by accessing your patient’s “full story” through our single source of data
  • Get the specific data you want, when you want it
  • Integrate data seamlessly into your current workflows and systems


Here’s an example of how it works:

Providing clinical staff with access to view patient information from outside care sources without leaving their EHR.Patient long records

  • Useful to clinical staff who might need access to INPC data for patient care
  • Depending on EHR capabilities, CCD may be displayed as readable or parsed for more targeted display
  • Summary document IHIE provides will contain most recent activity from outside organizations, i.e. IHIE is able to monitor all registration activity for hospitals in the INPC


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The data you need when you need it

We offer a collaborative service with EHR vendors to execute a quick “search & return” of relevant patient information…advancing interoperability through industry exchange standards.

Learn how our customers are using these services

Clinicians need access to important patient information provided in a meaningful and quick way. The Indiana Network for Patient Care allows them to access outside information on a patient without leaving their EHR.

In December 2017, we successfully completed a collaborative project with Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University Health to create a Cerner FHIR exchange for chest pain data. This service follows new industry exchange standards (FHIR/API) to return clinically relevant data to emergency department physicians who don’t have time to search for data in an outside application.

Here’s how it works:


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Clinical Messaging

An electronic results delivery service that offers a single source for clinical information such as lab results, radiology reports, hospital admission reports, and more. Results can be viewed through a web-based portal or delivered directly into an EHR system.

Learn how our customers are using Docs4Docs

With more than 40,000 users, IHIE’s Docs4Docs has become the ubiquitous clinical results delivery service in Indiana. By joining over 100 hospitals in its network, normalizing the data, and building the interfaces with each hospital, IHIE accomplished something very rare: It standardized the way patient information is presented and received across an entire state.

We provide a broad range of care coordination services delivered via Docs4Docs and designed to support better patient care while working within a framework that meet the demands of HEDIS and Meaningful Use requirements. 

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The D4D Service delivers:

  • lab results
  • radiology reports
  • transcription reports
  • pathology reports
  • hospital admissions reports, discharge and transfer (ADT) reports
  • clinical abstracts
  • Transitions of Care (Continuity of Care) documents

For a complete list of participating Docs4Docs facilities, see our Resources.

Users of Careweb

Office Staff

Clinical Data Repository


The Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC) is the nation’s largest inter-organizational data repository and contains more than 10 billion clinical data elements over 30+ years. Our customers access the network via our CareWeb application.


We manage the Indiana Network for Patient Care (INPC), a robust source of clinical data for a patient or population. It includes payer and public health data, as well as real-time interfaces from providers such as lab, radiology, CCDs, transcriptions, cardiology, and ADT (Admission Discharge Transfer) alerts. The INPC provides a common framework, agreement, and oversight of the data that feeds into CareWeb–the application that allows our customers to access data from our robust network of participants. CareWeb is one of our core service offerings.

Here are a few ways our customers use CareWeb:

  • Through Single Sign On capability, integrating CareWeb within EHRs to enhance usability.careweb-circle
  • The CareWeb Search function can find discrete data (i.e. test results and radiology reports) and specific words within free text and PDFs.
  • Users can trend lab data from the entire community to understand the full story of the patient.
  • Accountable Care Organizations can use CareWeb in tandem with our care coordination services to help manage populations.
  • CareWeb allows community organizations that care for at-risk and special needs patients to advocate and coordinate services on their behalf.

For a complete list of participating CareWeb facilities, see our Resources.

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