If you know the Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE), you’re likely familiar with our OneCare and PopCare product suites. OneCare, which includes products like CareWeb and Health Dart, offers solutions to improve the health of the individual patient. PopCare, which includes ADT Alerts and interactive dashboards, provides insight into population health. What you may not know about IHIE is that we’ve always supported the needs of public health as well. And this was never more important than in the past year.

The COVID-19 pandemic threw everyone for a loop. We’ve been collaborating closely with state stakeholders to leverage the health information that IHIE has toward solving timely, real-world problems. To this end, we’ve launched a third product suite, called GovCare to ensure your organizations are prepared and automatically connected for public health reporting.

Every day, health providers aim to improve and protect the health of their communities and ultimately, the state of Indiana through public health reporting, and monitoring. Our GovCare suite provides coordinated products and services, such as electronic lab reporting, immunization registry programs, and more, to connect healthcare professionals to the state and support statewide data analysis.

These different solutions help organizations to:

  • Leverage clinical data to improve the health of all citizens in the state
  • Remove hurdles to participate in public health case reporting forms
  • Eliminate separate connection to the state for public reporting efforts

Want to learn more about GovCare, check it out here or contact us today!