Indianapolis, Indiana – With one click of the mouse, Franciscan Alliance physicians can seamlessly access the Indiana Health Information Exchange’s (IHIE) CareWeb application from within their Epic electronic health record system (EHR). This single sign-on process provides Franciscan Alliance physicians with the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information from all IHIE participants within their existing workflows. The process securely and automatically links the session to the proper patient, eliminating the need for the user to re-enter information.

Interoperability among EHRs and across healthcare providers and payors is integral in the quest to make healthcare more efficient and effective and is key for success under evolving healthcare payment models. By seamlessly integrating IHIE’s CareWeb application and its over three billion pieces of clinical data into Franciscan Alliance’s Epic EHR system, physicians now are more easily able to augment information contained their Epic EHR system with a powerful data source to provide the best care for their patients.

“We were able to complete this implementation in under eight weeks, providing an efficient solution to meet the interoperability needs of our customer and improve the usability of an important resource available to physicians,” said John Kansky, President and CEO of IHIE. “We look forward to working with more of our partners and other EHR vendors to support the best possible care for all patients.”

Benefits of this enhanced interoperability include:

  • Fewer distractions from the patient visit by eliminating the need for providers to leave their existing workflows to access IHIE information.
  • A reduction of unnecessary testing and procedures, saving time and money.
  • Easier access to relevant clinical information to improve patient care.
  • A reduction in help desk calls for ID requests and password retrievals, saving money and time.

Further establishing Indiana as one of the nation’s most interoperable healthcare states. With the ability of IHIE to provide a complete dataset to Franciscan Alliance physicians securely, and with proper validation in place, it further enhances the organization’s mission to support providers as they care for their patients.

“Our commitment to implement the latest technology so we may better serve our patients is highlighted through our partnership with the Indiana Health Information Exchange,” said Dr. Dick Roskam, Chief Medical Information Officer at Franciscan Alliance. “Through the success of this latest project, we can meet the needs of our patients and providers efficiently while staying on the cutting edge of an evolving healthcare landscape.”

Franciscan Alliance is a charter member of the Indiana Health Information Exchange, and their partnership with IHIE dates back to 2004. Franciscan Alliance has 13 hospitals in Indiana and Illinois.

This partnership impacts approximately 580 users across Indiana in the Franciscan Alliance health system.