Each year, the Indiana Health Information Exchange sets company goals to ensure that we’re continuing to serve our customers in the best way possible. Our three primary goals for 2017 were:

  1. Expand the value IHIE delivers to health and healthcare
  2. Continue to advance and mature organizational financial management.
  3. Operationally improve IHIE.

Highlights for 2017 overall include:

  • Exchanged 7 million transactions with other HIEs in Indiana and neighboring states, and increase of 50%
  • Delivered clinical results into the EHRs of 7,001 providers, an increase of 29%
  • Delivered and integrated 1 million patient histories into a customer’s EHR platform to create an integrated community-wide patient chart – a breakthrough for EHR integration
  • Provided notifications and supporting clinical information on about 2.4 million patients, an increase of 40%, to support our customers’ population health activities
  • Signed 13 new customer contracts and increase our product-driven revenue

Here are a few highlights from each goal:

  • Expand the value IHIE delivers to health and healthcare
    • Goals met include: Developing, advancing, and launching INPC-to-EHR interoperability solutions, advancing neighboring HIE/neighboring state exchange, supporting Population Health, expanding the use and adoption of IHIE services, and identifying and acquiring data of strategic value.
    • IHIE will continue to propose national healthcare data interoperability models into 2018, along with advancing statewide population health capabilities to meet customer needs.
  • Operationally Improve IHIE
    • Goals met include: Advancing the enterprise risk management program, expanded and integrated the role of Marketing and Public Relations, continued technological progression of Solution Engineering and underlying technology, and making specific targeting operational improvements.