If you’ve visited the IHIE website lately, you might notice a new and improved look along with more interactivity throughout the site. Updates to the website allow visitors quick access to the most important IHIE Solutions from the start. To see how our customers are using our services in real-world situations, check out our Case Studies, which provide experiences of specific customers in specific roles at specific organizations.

In addition to this updated case study section, we’ve completely overhauled our OneCare and PopCare solutions pages to provide a more interactive experience, allowing visitors to find information specific to their individual needs. Explore these pages to learn more about our products, the benefits they provide, and how they work, while accessing examples of customer uses and experiences. Each bit of information is backed up with testimonials along with links to find further information in other areas of the website.

Did you know that IHIE offers services to integrate outside data directly into your EHR? Or that we can provide API solutions to improve your workflow? Or that we can provide clinical event notifications on specific segments of your population? Not sure how we can help? Take a look! 

We hope these updates help visitors gain a better understanding of IHIE’s products and what they can do for interoperability and the future of health information exchange.