Original article by Ryan Chiavetta of Privacy Tech–

Better than you might think.

Privacy Tech recently interviewed Valita Fredland–IHIE’s VP of General Counsel and Privacy Officer–and other leaders in the industry to gain insight into how the healthcare industry approaches cybersecurity and the handling of electronic health records.

The question: Are healthcare’s cybersecurity efforts as uninspired as they seem?

According to Valita Fredland, FIP, CIPM, CIPP/US, it’s not as easy to ignore privacy and security issues as one might think.

“I think you characterize a lax attitude only if the person has an intent to avoid privacy and security,” said Fredland. “There’s no excuse for claiming ignorance at the leadership level, because privacy and security both in health information and personal information has been in the headlines daily for the last five years.”

But it can still be a challenge to explain the significance of privacy issues to board members in terms to which they can relate.

“The most poignant method of conveying privacy- and security-related messages is in terms of organizational risk management. The board has a duty to assure that the risks and threats to the organizations have been identified and properly mitigated,” said Fredland. “Privacy and security officers are responsible for outlining how the threats and risks to the privacy and security of data rank among the top risks to an organization.”

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