What is GovCare?

Every day, health providers aim to improve and protect the health of their communities and ultimately, the state of Indiana through public health reporting and monitoring. IHIE can help. Our GovCare services provide a complete, coordinated effort to connect healthcare professionals to the state through communicable disease reporting, immunization registry programs, making clinical data available to Medicaid providers, and supporting statewide data analysis.


Integration and Automation

IHIE connects providers to the Indiana Department of health through public health surveillance and reporting systems.


Medicaid Policy and Planning

IHIE works with government agencies to share clinical data with Medicaid providers.



IHIE works cooperatively with Management Performance Hub leadership to support statewide data analysis.

and Automation

Through our collaboration with the Indiana Department of Health, IHIE connects providers to the Public Health Emergency Surveillance System (PHESS), Electronic Lab Reporting, and Immunizations. Our solutions remove hurdles to participating in public health case reporting, while making the submissions process a part of your current workflow.

Services Provided:

  • Supporting the COVID-19 Response: We make COVID results available to providers statewide through IHIE products and services.

  • Public Health Emergency Surveillance System (PHESS): Statewide infrastructure to analyze “primary complaint” data from Indiana emergency departments for the early detection of acts of bioterrorism and other public health emergencies.

  • Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR): This service unburdens clinicians and supporting IT personnel by making existing connections from reported notifiable diseases to the Indiana Department of Health.

  • Immunizations: We offer the Bi-Directional exchange of Children and Hoosier Immunization Registry Program (CHIRP).

Medicaid Policy
& Planning

IHIE has partnered with the Family and Social Services Administration/Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning to supply Medicaid providers with access to clinical data.

How our customers benefit:

  • Makes patient’s clinical data available to Medicaid providers

  • Medicaid shares claims data with IHIE

clipboardData Analysis

IHIE works cooperatively with state agency leadership to support statewide data analysis.

The Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE) and Regenstrief Institute partnered to develop an innovative tool to help public health leaders track and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic through a clinical data dashboard. The dashboard utilizes the most recent data on cumulative testing from both public and private labs, as well as data from Indiana’s health systems and public health databases to accurately display counts of patients who are confirmed or suspected positive for COVID-19 and related conditions. An example of this would be patients admitted to a hospital with influenza-like illness or pneumonia.

The Dashboard combines:

  • Unique data on emergency department visits

  • Inpatient admissions

  • Laboratory testing