In HealthIT, we are proud to supply clinical data solutions to our customers, so that all can be treated with quick, quality care. Here at the Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE), we take our customers and their patients seriously, because we understand that the people our customers service are us…The families, friends and co-workers that come into the clinics, physicians’ offices and emergency rooms. In these clinical settings, every age, race, gender, and religion enter and receive the same kind of quality care. We adopt that same model to value, respect, and include everyone within our company. IHIE’s Diversity and Inclusion program, IBelong, is more than an initiative, it’s our culture, it’s our philosophy, it’s our way of life.

What does Diversity and Inclusion mean to IHIE:

It means we see you, and you, and you. Not because we believe everyone is the same, but because we celebrate the differences in each of us. Diversity and Inclusion is the call to action to ensure that our peers recognize the rich culture around us. It’s the variety of culture, language, tradition, beliefs, talents and abilities. It is all of us and who we are all of the time.

How IHIE makes Diversity and Inclusion a priority:

We have created a program called IBelong, with a governing committee made up of Executive Sponsors (Leadership), Chairs, and Ambassadors who create, plan and execute activities, trainings, and presentations to keep our culture inclusive. The committee continues to welcome new volunteers to encourage diversity of thought, fresh ideas, and more ways to make our company a top place to work!

Activities and Initiatives for IBelong:

Our IBelong committee works hard to bring awareness to the IHIE staff to continue a valued and respected company culture. In 2020, we kicked off our IBelong committee with an Unconscious Bias presentation by speaker Tony Chatman, and continue to have conversations about future policies, inclusive company benefits and celebrations that recognize all different walks of life.


IHIE takes pride in its Diversity and Inclusion program and the work we do everyday to ensure that every customer, patient, and employee can say, IBelong!