In case you missed it, Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review published an article today entitled “HIEs have ‘reached the limits of their effectiveness,’ says Chilmark.”

We respectfully disagree. And feel that, as an HIE that’s been successfully operating for more than a decade, we have an obligation to weigh in.

Dear Chilmark,

We like and respect you. You try hard to understand things and you call it like you see it. I’m not hurt that your HIE analyst has never taken me up on my invitation to visit the Indiana Health Information Exchange. Hmmm…I don’t recall seeing him at the SHIEC Conference either. And it may not be your fault when the media runs a headline that says “HIEs have ‘reached the limits of their effectiveness,’ says Chilmark” when apparently what your report actually suggests is that “While document-based health information exchanges have helped healthcare coordination in the past, these approaches ‘have reached the limits of their effectiveness,’ according to the report.”

Hate the headline … Good point on document-based approaches.

I plan to chastise any of my peers who read the headline and then light their hair on fire, which is bound to happen. Ordinarily I would ask them “Did you read the report?” but I’m unaware of any HIE that can afford to purchase a $6,000 report.

And, hey, I’m not mad at you for that either. Everyone needs a sustainable business model.


John Kansky
President and CEO
Indiana Health Information Exchange