We do health information exchange.

And we do it better than anyone else. We’ve been doing it for a long time, which gives our customers an advantage as we usher in a new era.

The Indiana Health Information Exchange has been around for over a decade, with its roots dating back 30 years. We have the largest and broadest participant community in the nation, and we are at the center of where digital health, payment reform and patient care intersect.

IHIE is in the midst of executing an ambitious five-year strategic plan to support our mission to improve the health of patients and support the healthcare community that we serve.

While IHIE is still in the business of securely moving data where it needs to be, we are taking this core function to focus on the new frontiers of our industry:

  • interoperability and seamless delivery with EHR solutions to support Better / Big Data and analytics
  • promotion of partnerships and an environment that organizes information around patients and where they seek care
  • support of population health efforts that serve to strengthen our community

Check out the “Experiences” section and see what we’ve been able to accomplish alongside our customers. IHIE prides itself on doing what it takes to make our solutions work for the unique needs of each customer. These Experiences are just a small sample of how IHIE can help your organization, and they demonstrate novel uses of our services that can be replicated throughout our community.

  • Connection to 117
    hospitals, representing 38 health systems
  • Over 14,678
  • Over 42,419
  • Over 13,359,908
  • Over 11,035,381,577
    clinical data elements

A participant base beyond hospitals:

  • post-acute care
  • laboratories
  • payers
  • imaging centers
  • health departments
  • employers
  • health centers
  • community support agencies
  • Regenstrief Institute
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • U.S. Social Security Administration
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs